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◉Tantra Yoga & Meditation for Better Love Life◉

​ ラブライフを充実させるタントラヨガ&瞑想



クラス内容・Class Description(60分)





This is the authentic tantra yoga class for a woman who wants to shine her sexuality; wants to have a feminine body shape; looking for a partner; wants to deepen relationship with the partner and so forth.  Activate chakras inside female unique organ such as uterus and ovary, learn how to project sexual energy to outer world. This class teaches proprietary tantric vinyasa flow, basic standing pose and sitting pose plus tantric meditation technique. Once you open tantric chakras, you will be wrapped by intense ecstasy and joy all the time. 




Woman only class from 10’s to 60’s. Most of the students come to the class alone at first but they become friends with each other very quickly. Maximum capacity is 8.


The trial lesson ( 2000 JPY for 45 minutes) is held at your convenient time on weekday ( night) or weekend. Please reserve in advance.

火曜日19:00 &プライベートレッスン(予約)



Tuesday19:00- & Private lesson reservation only

Tokyo Studio ( Mejiro, Kagurazaka, Edogawabashi, near Chinzanso)

Online class is available

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